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Selmoore Codfish is not a fish but a chicken.
The word cod means fish, so Codfish really means fish-fish.  (Yes, people have given me a hard time with that.)
If Selmoore Codfish is not a fish, what is he?

Humorous Answer

The word cod means fish, so Codfish really means fish-fish.  However, using an alias should be interpreted that he is more like a chicken than a fish.  If everyone knew who he was, he’d be expected to be funny 24/7.  He would prefer to cherish his other emotions equally with levity.  He’d like to reserve time to be dour and unpleasant, too.

Practical Answer

Why am I using a pseudonym?  It is primarily to keep the parts of my life separate.  In my day job, I’d like to keep credibility distinct from my writing achievements.  God hasn’t put me here to be famous or rich.  (I live below my means and support several charities.)

Who is Selmoore Codfish in real life?
If you really need to know, it is a thin secret.  Just agree to the terms below and send me an email from the Contact page .
Terms of disclosure:  Refer only to Selmoore Codfish as the author of the novels.  Don’t make assumptions about the author’s employer related to the novels.